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Wine Making >> Wine Making Equipment >> Corks and Corkers

Corks and Corkers

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25 Clear Polythene Stoppers
A simple way to stop your bottles.

More information about 25 Clear Polythene Stoppers
25 Clear Polythene Stoppers 2.54

25 Red Plastic Top Flanged Corks
Easy to use stoppers in packs of 25

More information about 25 Red Plastic Top Flanged Corks
25 Red Plastic Top Flanged Corks 2.65

25 White Plastic Top Flanged Corks
Easy to use stoppers in packs of 25

More information about 25 White Plastic Top Flanged Corks
25 White Plastic Top Flanged Corks 2.65

30 Tapered Corks
These can be used without a corking tool as an alternative to straight corks. They aren't as secure a the traditional straight corks, though.

More information about 30 Tapered Corks
30 Tapered  Corks 3.06

30 Wine Bottle Corks
A pack of 30 wine bottle corks. These are wax coated and do not need soaking.

More information about 30 Wine Bottle Corks
30 Wine Bottle Corks 2.04

4 Bored Demijohn Corks
Demijohn size cork, bored to accept an air lock. Pack of 4.

More information about 4 Bored Demijohn Corks
4 Bored Demijohn Corks 1.01

4 Solid Demijohn Corks
Cork stopper for demijohns. Pack of 4.

More information about 4 Solid Demijohn Corks
4 Solid Demijohn Corks 1.01

5 x Bored Rubber DemiJohn Bungs
Suitable to fit an air lock to a demijohn. Size 3cm x 2.7 cm x 3.3.lcm long, they do vary slightly.

More information about 5 x Bored Rubber DemiJohn Bungs
5 x Bored Rubber DemiJohn Bungs 2.55

Champagne Cages 25
The smart way to retain corks.

More information about Champagne Cages 25
Champagne Cages 25 3.68

Champagne Stoppers 25
Easy to use champagne stoppers.

More information about Champagne Stoppers 25
Champagne Stoppers 25 3.68

Sandeland Safety Corks
A safe and easy way to store wine safely.

More information about Sandeland Safety Corks
Sandeland Safety Corks 1.85

Straight Corks - 30
Good quality corks in a pack of 30.

More information about Straight Corks - 30
Straight Corks - 30 2.98

Two Handled Corker
Makes corking a pleasure. So easy to use, with minimal effort.

More information about Two Handled Corker
Two Handled Corker 14.81

Demijohn bored cork
Demijohn cork bored to take an airlock

More information about Demijohn bored cork
Demijohn bored cork 0.29

Demijohn solid cork
Fits a standard size 1 gallon demijohn

More information about Demijohn solid cork
Demijohn solid cork 0.29

Hand Corker
Hand Corker. Basic, but is simple to use and works well.

More information about Hand Corker
Hand Corker 4.15

Product 1 to 16 of 16
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