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Cider Making >> About Cider Making

About Cider Making

Much like home wine making, there are two options to the homebrewer for making cider:

- The first option is to use a cider ‘kit’, which takes no more effort than the wine or beer kits. This is merely a case of diluting an apple concentrate in a sterile container; pitching in the yeast supplied; and when the fermentation is complete, syphoning the cider off its sediment and into a keg or bottles. Simple really.

- The second option is to make cider from fresh apples. This is certainly a more involved method but is incredibly rewarding, especially if you have your own apple tree(s) or know someone who has. Follow the link below for our in-depth guide to cider making, or look under 'Cider Making - Books' in the left hand column.

Nescessary Equipment for making Cider from apples:
Cidermaking book
Steriliser (VERY important)
Pulpmaster (or some other form of crusher)
Fruit Press
25 litre Fermentation Bucket (preferably two) with a grommet in the lid to take an airlock
pH testing equipment
Siphon Tube
Mixing Spoon

Chemicals as below

malic acid
Camden tablets
Cider yeast

Cider Making Instructions

Top 10 Sellers
Bubbler Airlock with 1gall Rubber Bung
Youngs Cider Yeast
Lalvin Champagne Yeast EC-1118
Campden Tablets 100
30 Wine Bottle Corks
Yeast Nutrient 100g
QuickServe lever tap and back nut
Pectolase 30g
Brewing and Winemaking Sugar 1kg
3 Muslin Bags
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