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Great Offers from the Homebrew Centre...

Homebrew, Wine Making Kits, Beer Making Kits, Brewing Supplies.

We welcome you to the Homebrewing Centre, Keynsham, where you will find all your Brewing needs for both the experienced and inexperienced brewer.  Help, hints, a large range of stock, new ideas and inspiration are here in abundance in the click of a button.

Delivery throughout most of the UK costs only £1.50 - £5.78, depending on weight. Delivery Costs
NOTE: web site prices may differ from shop prices to a small extent.

Our main categories...

Starter Kits
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Starter Kits

Beer Making
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Click here to go to Beer Making
Choose from Bitters, Lagers, and Speciality Kits plus ingredients for you to make it from scratch!

Hops & Grains
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Hops & Grains

Wine Making
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Choose from Red, Rose, White and Country Kits plus all the wine making ingredients you might need!

Cider Making
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Click here to go to Cider Making
We stock a good variety of cider kits to suit various tastes and styles. There is also a very good selection of equipment for you to choose from that will make your cider making easier and more efficient.

Spirits & Liqueurs
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Click here to go to  Spirits & Liqueurs
This is a new and exciting way of making home made Spirits and Liqueurs. Keep an eye on this category as there will be frequent updates and lots of new flavours to satisfy even the most discerning of palates...Enjoy!

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Click here to go to Equipment
Equipment for wine and beer making. Choose from bottles, barrels, corks and caps. Also available syphons, filters, heaters and strainers.

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Click here to go to Yeasts
We have a very wide selection of yeasts for Wines, Lagers, Beers and Ciders which is regularly updated to enable us to provide you with a yeast for every type of brew or wine etc..

Wine beginner kits and beer beginner kits:

For beginners we have put together various packages to make your first venture into brewing as easy to do as possible.

We hold an extensive range to include all preferences and tastes: Lagers, Pilsners, Bitters, Ales, Stouts and Porters, all regularly supplied by leading manufacturers, which include Coopers, John Bull, Youngs, Muntons, Brupack, Woodford, Brewmaker, Hambleton Bard, Tom Caxton, Brewferm, Edme, Muntons Milestone, Burton Bridge, Tooheys and Geordie.

Beer Hops and Grains

For mashing brewers we hold a range of malt extracts (light, dark and amber), grains (crystal malt, crushed pale, chocolate malt) and hops (Goldings, Fuggles, Northern Brewer, Halletau, Progress, Saaz, WGV, Challenger, Target.)  

Wine Kits:  

We stock a wide range of quality, concentrated grape juices to produce wine in recognised names such as you might purchase from your local wine shop or supermarket.  For example, red wines such as Merlot, Rioja and Shiraz.  White wines include Muscadet, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.  Brand names include, Cantina, Selection, Kenridge, Solomon Grundy, Favorite, Vinomat, California Connoisseurs, Youngs, Vigneron, and Carafe.

We supply these in kits to make 4.5 litres (one gallon) or 23 litres (5 gallons) most of which can be bottled in about six weeks. These quality wines benefit from laying down, if it is less expensive every day table wine you are after, look at the express wine kits, which can be fermented, cleared and bottled in only seven days, and produce alcohol of 10 or 11%. 

Cider Kits:   

There are number of cider kits including Samson's, Finlandia, Magnum, Brewbuddy, and Young’s Country Cider.  Making cider with these kits is very much the same as you would with making homebrewed beer.

Country Wine and Cider Making: 

In the summer and autumn, the hedgerows are abundant with elderflowers, berries and fruits, not to mention the apple, plum, grape vines and pear trees.  To produce wines from the countryside, we have made up specialised packages of equipment and chemicals for you to have everything at hand when you need it. Most of this equipment, when not in use, can also be used for making the wine kits mentioned above.  We stock dried elderflowers, elderberries, sloe berries, rose petals, orange blossom, rosehips and berries to use throughout the year.

Wine Making Equipment and Beer Making Equipment:

Hydrometers,distilling equipment, barrels, bottles, fermentation bins, syphon systems, CO2 gas cylinders, buckets, thermometers, presses, heaters, straining bags, filters, corks bungs, labels, corkers, taps, spare parts for barrels, bottle rinser & drainers, to name but a few items.

Wine Making Chemicals and Beer Making Chemicals

Mainly packed in small plastic tubs, some chemicals come also in sachets, which would be suitable for letterbox posting, sterilizers, acid reduction solution, sweetener, benotite, citric acid, tartaric acid, gypsum, lacic acid, fermentation yeasts, camden tablets, pectolase, beer and wine finings, Irish moss, again to name but a few.

Wine Yeasts and Beer Yeasts: 

We hold an extensive range of yeasts for wine and beer including Muntons, Fermentis, Danstar, Lalvin and Young’s cider yeast


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