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Balliihoo 4
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This Balliihoo 4" Barrel Cap comes without a valve fitted and is ideal for those who want to upgrade their existing barrels and already have valv..
Ex Tax:£8.19
Balliihoo 4 Balliihoo 4
Out of Stock
The Balliihoo 4" Barrel Cap comes fitted with a genuine S30 Co2 pressure top up Valve which allows use with 8 gram CO2 bulbs and bulb holder via a pie..
Ex Tax:£18.19
2" Pressure Barrel Cap With S30 Co2 Pressure Top Up Valve (Non Piercing Pin Type). This cap will fit Balliihoo, Youngs, Wilkos, Weltonhurst st..
Ex Tax:£11.95
This cap will fit Balliihoo, Youngs, Wilkos, Weltonhurst standard barrels with a 2 inch top opening. The Stainless Steel S30 Valve has a float..
Ex Tax:£12.79
Standard 2" Vent Cap to fit Balliihoo Pressure Barrels & all other barrels with 2" openings. (Not suitable for King Keg) H..
Ex Tax:£3.35
Weltonhurst 2" Cap, drilled for S30 valve. Standard 2" Cap to fit Balliihoo Pressure Barrels & all other barrels with 2" op..
Ex Tax:£3.75
CO2 Pressure Top Up System to fit Barrels with 2" cap. This cap will fit the Balliihoo, Wilkos, Youngs And Weltonhurst Barrels with 2" top ope..
Ex Tax:£22.19
Replacement piercing pin insert for S30 Injector Valve with O ring Converts standard Stainless Steel S30 Valves to use the 8 gram bulb system (also ..
Ex Tax:£2.19
S30 Co2 pressure top up valve (Non Piercing Pin Type) fits both 2 inch and 4 inch pressure barrel caps For use with Hambleton Bard's S30..
Ex Tax:£10.45
Genuine S30 Stainless Steel Injection Valve with piercing pin and steel threaded bulb holder. Stainless steel insert for easier application & long..
Ex Tax:£13.45
Disposable Co2 single charge capsules for use with 8 gram homebrew pressure top up system. Contains 8 grams of natural Co2 gas under pressure. For use..
Ex Tax:£5.09
To fit S30 valves with piercing pin and 8 gram CO2 bulbs PLEASE NOTE: This Bulb Holder does NOT fit Soda Syphons/Sparklets, the thread is diff..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Replacement float for King Keg and Balliihoo Top Tap Pressure Barrel This can be attached to the back of a barrel tap and floats on the surfac..
Ex Tax:£4.49
Standard 2" cap O-ring seal to fit Balliihoo Pressure Barrels & all other barrels with 2" openings. (Not suitable for King Keg)..
Ex Tax:£1.89
Replacement O Ring seal to fit various 4 inch barrel caps. The square section rubber cap ring is far superior to the traditional "Round S..
Ex Tax:£2.95
Contains a complete set of washers and seals for S30 valves. Please note that the cap seal is a separate item. Consists Of 1 x Cylinder/Bulb S..
Ex Tax:£2.85
Replacement inlet seals for S30 valve. 5 Pack. These fit the gas inlet which is the part on the inside of the barrel cap. Suitable for brass or s..
Ex Tax:£2.60
Genuine S30 stainless steel Co2 pressure top up valve with piercing pin. Fits 2 inch and 4 inch pressure barrel caps Compatible with 8 g..
Ex Tax:£11.19
Pack of 5 pressure release rubbers for S30 valves.  These seals fit on the brass or stainless steel S30 valves. ..
Ex Tax:£2.60
Replacement small top O Ring for S30 Valves.These replacement O Rings will fit the new stainless steel S30 valves and the older brass type valves.Pack..
Ex Tax:£3.60
Pack of 2 Washers to fit between an S30 valve and a cap. Suitable for both the genuine Stainless Steel S30 Valves as well as the brass S30 valves ..
Ex Tax:£1.40
This kit contains all the spare seals you might need for most barrels with a 2" Cap, including the Balliihoo Basic, Youngs & Wilko Barrels. ..
Ex Tax:£4.79
This kit contains all the spare seals you might need for most barrels with a 4" cap. This includes King Kegs, Balliihoo Premium Barrels & Rot..
Ex Tax:£5.29
1/2 turn on/off operation. Easy to use, has good flow control. Although this tap was designed to be used on wide neck wine fermenters it can a..
Ex Tax:£3.09
Black plastic lever tap with flip top operation for greater control. Fits into a 1" (25 mm) hole, the standard size for pressure barrels and Ki..
Ex Tax:£16.35
Lever Tap for Cider Barrels
Out of Stock
Replacement tap for a brown cider barrel, complete with washer. There isn't a back nut with these; they are threaded and screw directly in..
Ex Tax:£4.00
This can be inserted into any fermenter by drilling a 25mm hole. It is compatible with 3/8" syphon tubing and also the bottling stick. ..
Ex Tax:£4.35
Backnut for plastic taps. This backnut will fit all the taps we sell with a 25mm thread, except the cider barrel tap...
Ex Tax:£0.85
For easy removal and tightening of 4" barrel caps. Fits 4" caps, including King Keg top and bottom tap kegs, Balliihoo caps, Rotokeg and ..
Ex Tax:£2.85
Food safe silicone based grease with P.T.F.E. Recommended for lubricating the cap seals on pressure barrels. Makes caps easier to tighten giving a lea..
Ex Tax:£3.45
This black plastic handle with pin, will fit many of the "twin handled" plastic pressure barrels that are available today, including the Kin..
Ex Tax:£2.19
This tap (short spout) screws into the traditional or basic type barrels with a 25mm threaded hole. Supplied complete with rubber sealing wash..
Ex Tax:£4.09
Spare washer for Lever Taps and Fermentation Vessel Taps. Please note these are not compatible with Cider Barrel Taps..
Ex Tax:£1.25
Tap Washer For Cider Barrel Tap
Out of Stock
Spare seal for lever tap for cider barrels.    ..
Ex Tax:£0.90
Pack of 10 Hambleton Bard Orange Inlet Valve Rubbers. These seals fit on the Hambleton Bard Inlet only valve as found on the Beer-Sphere Barrel. ..
Ex Tax:£4.90
Pack of 10 Hambleton Bard Yellow Safety Release Valve Rubbers.Keep the pressure in the barrel, make sure your seals are secure by renewing periodicall..
Ex Tax:£4.90
Replacement black O-ring seal for Hambleton Bard Safety Valve. Used on older Roto Kegs and Hambleton Bard Barrels with 4" Caps. (Please note t..
Ex Tax:£1.09
Whether or not your brew is losing pressure, it's advisable to periodically renew the seals on your barrel. This seal fits on the inside of the..
Ex Tax:£1.85
Spare seal pack for Hambleton Bard/Rotokeg 4" cap with separate inlet & outlet valves.(Please note these are not for King Keg or 2" caps that incl..
Ex Tax:£2.70
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