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Barrel Valves, Taps And Accessories

This Balliihoo 4" Barrel Cap comes without a valve fitted and is ideal for those who want to upgrade their existing barrels and already have valv..
Ex Tax:£8.09
The Balliihoo 4" Barrel Cap comes fitted with a genuine S30 Injection Valve which allows use with 8 gram CO2 bulbs and bulb holder via a piercing..
Ex Tax:£18.09
2" Pressure Barrel Cap With S30 Valve (Non Piercing Pin Type). This cap will fit Balliihoo, Youngs, Wilkos, Weltonhurst standard barrels ..
Ex Tax:£11.85
This cap will fit Balliihoo, Youngs, Wilkos, Weltonhurst standard barrels with a 2 inch top opening. The Stainless Steel S30 Valve has a float..
Ex Tax:£12.35
Standard 2" Vent Cap to fit Balliihoo Pressure Barrels & all other barrels with 2" openings. (Not suitable for King Keg) H..
Ex Tax:£3.25
Weltonhurst 2" Cap, drilled for S30 valve. Standard 2" Cap to fit Balliihoo Pressure Barrels & all other barrels with 2" op..
Ex Tax:£3.65
CO2 Injection System to fit Barrels with 2" cap. This cap will fit the Balliihoo, Wilkos, Youngs And Weltonhurst Barrels with 2" top..
Ex Tax:£22.09
Replacement piercing pin insert for S30 Injector Valve with O ring Converts standard Stainless Steel S30 Valves to use the 8 gram bulb system (also ..
Ex Tax:£2.09
Genuine S30 stainless steel Co2 injection valve (Non Piercing Pin Type) fits both 2 inch and 4 inch pressure barrel caps For use with Ha..
Ex Tax:£10.35
Genuine S30 Stainless Steel Injection Valve with piercing pin and steel threaded bulb holder. Stainless steel insert for easier application & long..
Ex Tax:£13.35
Disposable Co2 single charge capsules for use with 8 gram homebrew injection system. Contains 8 grams of natural Co2 gas under pressure. For use in co..
Ex Tax:£4.90
To fit S30 valves with piercing pin and 8 gram CO2 bulbsPLEASE NOTE: This Bulb Holder does NOT fit Soda Syphons/Sparklets, the thread is diff..
Ex Tax:£4.60
Replacement float for King Keg and Balliihoo Top Tap Pressure Barrel This can be attached to the back of a barrel tap and floats on the surfac..
Ex Tax:£4.39
Standard 2" cap O-ring seal to fit Balliihoo Pressure Barrels & all other barrels with 2" openings. (Not suitable for King Keg)..
Ex Tax:£1.49
Replacement O Ring seal to fit various 4 inch barrel caps. The square section rubber cap ring is far superior to the traditional "Round S..
Ex Tax:£2.85
Contains a complete set of washers and seals for S30 valves. Please note that the cap seal is a separate item.Consists Of 1 x Injector Sealin..
Ex Tax:£2.60
Replacement inlet seals for S30 valve. 10 Pack. For best service it's advisable to keep your barrel seals in good condition. These..
Ex Tax:£4.80
Genuine S30 stainless steel Injection valve with piercing pin. Fits 2 inch and 4 inch pessure barrel caps Compatible with 8 gram CO2 bul..
Ex Tax:£11.09
Pack of 10 pressure release rubbers for S30 valves.  These seals fit on the S30 valves, on the outside of the cap just below the thread w..
Ex Tax:£4.80
Replacement small top O Ring for S30 Valves.These replacement O Rings will fit the new stainless steel S30 valves and the older brass type valves...
Ex Tax:£6.60
Pack of 2 Washers to fit between an S30 valve and a cap. Suitable for both the genuine Stainless Steel S30 Valves as well as the brass S30 valves ..
Ex Tax:£1.30
This kit contains all the spare seals you might need for most barrels with a 2" Cap, including the Balliihoo Basic, Youngs & Wilko Barrels. ..
Ex Tax:£4.59
This kit contains all the spare seals you might need for most barrels with a 4" cap. This includes King Kegs, Balliihoo Premium Barrels & Rot..
Ex Tax:£5.09
1/2 turn on/off operation. Easy to use, has good flow control. Although this tap was designed to be used on wide neck wine fermenters it can a..
Ex Tax:£2.59
Black plastic lever tap with flip top operation for greater control. Fits into a 1" (25 mm) hole, the standard size for pressure barrels and Ki..
Ex Tax:£16.09
Replacement tap for a brown cider barrel, complete with washer. There isn't a back nut with these; they are threaded and screw directly in..
Ex Tax:£3.69
This can be inserted into any fermenter by drilling a 25mm hole. It is compatible with 3/8" syphon tubing and also the bottling stick. ..
Ex Tax:£4.25
Backnut for plastic taps. This backnut will fit all the taps we sell with a 25mm thread, except the cider barrel tap...
Ex Tax:£0.70
For easy removal and tightening of 4" barrel caps.Fits 4" caps, including King Keg top and bottom tap kegs, Balliihoo caps, Rotokeg and ..
Ex Tax:£3.09
Food safe silicone based grease with P.T.F.E. Recommended for lubricating the cap seals on pressure barrels. Makes caps easier to tighten giving a lea..
Ex Tax:£3.35
Replacement Handle For King Keg, Rotokeg & Wide Neck Fermenter
Out Of Stock
This black plastic handle with pin, will fit many of the "twin handled" plastic pressure barrels that are available today, including the Kin..
Ex Tax:£2.09
Spare Lever Tap For Pressure Barrel - Quickserve Tap - 25mm Thread
Out Of Stock
This tap (short spout) screws into the traditional or basic type barrels with a 25mm threaded hole. Supplied complete with rubber sealing wash..
Ex Tax:£3.99
Spare washer for Lever Taps and Fermentation Vessel Taps. Please note these are not compatible with Cider Barrel Taps..
Ex Tax:£1.09
Tap Washer For Cider Barrel Tap
Out Of Stock
Spare seal for lever tap for cider barrels.  ..
Ex Tax:£0.70
Pack of 10 Hambleton Bard Orange Inlet Valve Rubbers. Maintain the pressure with good seals.These seals fit on the Hambleton Bard Inlet o..
Ex Tax:£4.80
Pack of 10 Hambleton Bard Yellow Safety Release Valve Rubbers. Keep the pressure in the barrel, make sure your seals are secure by renewing pe..
Ex Tax:£4.80
Replacement black O-ring seal for Hambleton Bard Safety Valve. Used on older Roto Kegs and Hambleton Bard Barrels with 4" Caps. P..
Ex Tax:£0.90
Replacement O Ring Seal for Hambleton Bard 4 Inch Red Cap
Out Of Stock
Whether or not your brew is losing pressure, it's advisable to periodically renew the seals on your barrel.This seal fits on the inside of the..
Ex Tax:£1.75
Spare seal pack for Hambleton Bard/Rotokeg 4" cap with separate inlet & outlet valves.(Please note these are not for King Keg or 2" caps that incl..
Ex Tax:£2.60
Spare Bung For Hambleton Bard Float
Replacement bung for the Hambleton Bard float system. Fits the Rotokeg, Beersphere or any keg with a drum tap...
Ex Tax:£1.20
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