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Electrim digital mashing, sparging and boiling bin. This is the latest version of the popular Electrim mashing and boiling bin. It has been improved w..
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Electrim Mashing Bin - 32 Litre - Suitable For Mashing And Boiling Electrim Mashing Bin - 32 Litre - Suitable For Mashing And Boiling
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Electrim mashing, sparging and boiling bin. Capacity 32 Litre. This is made from high-density heat resistant plastic and is fitted with a 2.4 KW..
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Grainfather G30v3 - All In One Brewing System With Bluetooth Controller
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This excellent set of equipment is compact and very user-friendly. It is designed for mashing, sparging and boiling all in one unit and enables consi..
Ex Tax:£629.00
Specially formulated stainless steel cleaner for the Grainfather All Grain Brewing System. Unlike other cleaners this is suitable for soft (copper) an..
Ex Tax:£12.24
Mill for producing your own crushed malts complete with 7L hopper, mounted on a wooden base that will sit on top of a bucket.Can be operated manually ..
Ex Tax:£129.79
Depth of 26cm and diameter of 30cm, with a drawstring at the top.Fits the top of the Electrim Mashing Bin and prevents the grain from touching the ele..
Ex Tax:£10.20
Bulk pack of 100Ideal for boiling, straining & suspending hops & other ingredients..
Ex Tax:£44.20
Pack of 2Ideal for boiling, straining & suspending hops & other ingredients..
Ex Tax:£1.38
Dial thermometer with a 23cm (9Inch) long probe, and a clip which is suitable for use with mashing bins. This is a dual scale thermometer..
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Spiral Wort Chiller - S30 - Stainless Steel
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Stainless steel spiral wort chiller. For rapid cooling of wort after mashing and boiling. Submerse the chiller and supply a continuous flow of..
Ex Tax:£68.62
6cm diameter dry hopping ball. Will fit most fermenters and kegs Holds 15-20g whole leaf hops - more if using pellets..
Ex Tax:£3.14
11cm diameter dry hopping ball. Suitable for use during boil or for adding hops in the fermenter.  Holds approx 30g whole leaf hops ..
Ex Tax:£4.90
Filter Bag to remove residue whilst filling your barrel - including dead yeast, hop residue, trub and grains Fits into the mouth of a ..
Ex Tax:£9.79
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