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Yeasts, Finings And Carbon

Sachet of Activated Carbon (To purify 25 Litres of wash.)Add to your fermented brew / wash to absorb impurities prior to racking & clearing.After ..
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Alcotec - 24 Hour Turbo Clear Finings
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Treats up to 25L of wash. Fast acting. Will clear high alcohol wash, beer or wine in 24 hours..
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Use with 6kg of sugar in 25 litres for 48 hour fermentation and approx 14% ABV. Or use 8kg of sugar for 20% ABV in 5 days Also ideal fo..
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Alcotec - Triple Still Extreme Purity Turbo Yeast
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Alcotec Triple Still takes purity in fermentation to its extreme! Makes 14% alcohol In 7 Days using 6Kgs of normal sugar or 7Kgs Of Brewing Sugar.Make..
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20 Litres Of Water And 6 Kg Sugar For 15% In 3 Days or 7 Kg Sugar for 17% in 5 DaysDouble Snake C3 Carbon Turbo Yeast Uses A Robust Alcohol Tolerant Y..
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Complete carbon cartridge for EZFilter Filter System. Alcohol must be diluted to below 50% ABV for the carbon to work at maximum efficiency. ..
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Replacement carbon cartridge for use in the EZ Filter. The Filter Carbon Cartridge is used in the Inline Filter and the EZ Filter System. Al..
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Ideal for filtering up to 10 litres of distilled alcohol in one go. Alcohol must be diluted to below 50% ABV for the carbon to work at maximum effici..
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Smartstill Accessories - Activated Carbon Sachets - Pack Of 2
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Pack Of 2 Activated Carbon Sachets (Teabags). Soak the sachet in a cup of warm water prior to use. Each bag can be used for 3-4 distil..
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10 x Carbon Cartridges to fit the Air Still Carbon Filter Each carbon cartridge is suitable to filter up to 1125mls (40oz) of distilled spirit or gra..
Ex Tax:£6.85
Used to filter the spirit from the Air Still. Capacity 1 litre. Cartridges will treat one batch. Includes Distilling Conditioner and Ceramic ..
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Turbo Carbon is specifically designed for use during fermentation. It has a unique activated internal pore structure, which removes impurities..
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Treats up to 25L of wash. Turbo Clear is added directly into your turbo wash and within 24 hours removes over 90% of the yeast cells, solids a..
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The biggest-selling Turbo yeast. This is a fast fermenting yeast, producing at least 18% alcohol and potentially more. Contains yeast nutrient..
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Turbo Yeast for when alcohol quality is of primary importance. Ferments in 6-7 days to make 21L/5.5 US gallons at approx 14%-15%. Requires 6kg..
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