About Cider Making

Much like home wine making, there are two options to the homebrewer for making cider: - The first option is to use a cider ‘kit’, which takes no more effort than the wine or beer kits. This is merely a case of diluting an apple concentrate in a sterile container; pitching in the yeast supplied; and when the fermentation is complete, syphoning the cider off its sediment and into a keg or bottles. Simple really. - The second option is to make cider from fresh apples. This is certainly a more involved method but is incredibly rewarding, especially if you have your own apple tree(s) or know someone who has. Follow the link below for our in-depth guide to cider making, or look under 'Cider Making - Books' in the left hand column. Nescessary Equipment for making Cider from apples: Cidermaking book Steriliser (VERY important) Pulpmaster (or some other form of crusher) Fruit Press 25 litre Fermentation Bucket (preferably two) with a grommet in the lid to take an airlock pH testing equipment Hydrometer Siphon Tube Thermometer Mixing Spoon Chemicals as below sweetner malic acid Camden tablets Cider yeast nutrient Tannin Pectolase