About Wine Making

Basically there are two types of wine making for the home wine maker: The traditional method known as Country Wine Making which uses fruits, berries and vegetables; the other method using ready prepared kits from various companies from around the world. With "Country Wine Making" you will need to supply your self with the necessary tubs or sachets of yeasts additives and equipment, a choice being listed below. Flower wines can be ready for drinking in six months, most others may take up to a year or more. In the mean time, to give yourself something to drink whilst waiting, it’s a good idea to look at some fast clearing and maturing kit wines as you can use the same equipment. Kit wines are supplied in six or thirty bottle packs, and include the concentrated fruit juice, yeast, clearing and preserving sachets. Some kits require sugar to be added. Equipment necessary for Country Wine Making: For 1 gallon (6 bottles): demi-johns (preferably two) (plastic or glass) Small (one or two gallon) Fermentation bucket Or for 5 gallons (30 bottles) 2 X 30litre Fermentation Bucket Steriliser (VERY important) Siphon tube Straining Bag Hydrometer Thermometer Scales ‘Brewbelt’/Heat Tray (in cold weather) Corker Corks Shrink Tops Labels