• VinClasse Wine Making Yeast Nutrient - 1kg Tub

VinClasse Wine Making Yeast Nutrient - 1kg Tub

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  • Adding VinClasse yeast nutrient to your brew at the same time as your yeast will result in a rapid and vigorous start to your fermentation. The dissolved nutrient adds a source of nitrogen which the yeast cells feed upon and rapidly multiply.

  • The recommended usage is 1 tsp / 5ml per gallon but more can be added when fermenting heavier bodied wines. It is suitable for use with any yeast in the making of wine, beer, cider or lagers etc. The nutrient will be totally consumed by the yeast so there will be no remaining residue in your finished brew.

  • A rapid start to your fermentation is always desirable, as a very slow start can result in a lower final gravity and even an "eggy" aroma to your finished brew.

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