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Glass Vinometer - Wine Alcohol Meter

Glass Vinometer - Wine Alcohol Meter
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Glass Vinometer - Wine Alcohol Meter
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  • 13cm Glass Alcohol Meter

  • Checks the approximate alcohol content of your wine.

  • Full instructions for usage are supplied.

  • Please note this is not suitable for checking the alcohol content of beer or spirits and liqueurs. It works best with wines of 8-13% ABV and wines must be degassed so that they are completely free of CO2.

  • If you have a very strong wine, dilute it with equal amount of water, then take a reading. If reading ends up inside the interval 8-13% you know you can trust it and in reality it is twice as high.

  • An alternative method of use is to dilute your wine and take readings until you get approximately 10%. Then determine the strength from your dilution factor.


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