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Crushed Carapils Malt (Weyermann) - 500g

Crushed Carapils Malt (Weyermann) - 500g
Crushed Carapils Malt (Weyermann) - 500g
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  • Weyermann CaraPils Malt, crushed, 500g
  • For enhancing the malt flavour in German-style lagers.

  • EBC 4.

  • As used in Pilsner, "Lagerbier", alcohol-reduced Beer, Light Beer and Bock Beer amongst others at a rate of up to 10%.

  • Produced from Bavarian spring barley, this malt is produced by loading the modified grains into a sealed kiln while the moisture content is still around 50%.

  • The grains are then heated to between 65°C and 80°C, which enables them to mash themselves and caramelise the resulting sugars. The final kilning is at around 110°C for just long enough to dry the grain without undue darkening.

  • When used in lager beers, Carapils promotes head formation and retention and gives the beer a fuller rounder flavour. As the starches have already been converted during malting, this malt is ideal for use by extract brewers.

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