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30 Bottle Wine Starter Set & Merlot Ingredient Kit

30 Bottle Wine Starter Set & Merlot Ingredient Kit
30 Bottle Wine Starter Set & Merlot Ingredient Kit
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  • All the basic equipment needed to start home brewing 30 bottles of wine.

  • Includes a VinClasse 7kg Merlot Wine Ingredient Kit which contains approx 7 litres of 100%, high quality varietal grape juice concentrate, to achieve a well balanced wine, near the commercial equivalent. No additional sugar is required.

  • Your VinClasse Ingredient Kit makes 23 Litres / 5 gallons (approx 30 bottles) of quality Merlot wine. Ready to drink in around 7 days & will improve further over following weeks. Includes grape juice, wine yeast / nutrients, stabiliser, finings & full easy to follow instructions.

  • The equipment set is suitable for use with all 30 bottle wine ingredient kits & larger batches of home made country wines & ciders. It can also be used for 40 pint beer kits.

  • 2 x 25 Litre fermentation buckets with grommets, a bubbler airlock, LCD thermometer strips. One of the buckets includes a tap for easier transfer & bottling.

  • 1.25m syphon tube with racking cane, 100gram tub of steriliser, hydrometer & trial jar, long handled plastic spoon, plastic measuring jug, 3 x plastic funnels, A Balliihoo leather coaster.

  • Once your wine has finished fermenting you will require bottles, corks & corker or Bag In A Box/Polypin Wine Dispenser. (Not Included.) Alternatively you can save your own bottles for re-use. Dont forget to keep the caps!

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