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MasterPint - Real Ale - 1.6kg - 40 Pint Beer Kit

MasterPint - Real Ale - 1.6kg - 40 Pint Beer Kit
MasterPint - Real Ale - 1.6kg - 40 Pint Beer Kit
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  • Makes 40 pints - 23 litres of Real Ale at approx 5.0% ABV.

  • Ready to drink in around 3-4 weeks.

  • Requires the addition of one kilo of brewing sugar to achieve the intended strength and flavour. This can be improved further by using beer kit enhancer (sugar malt extract mix) as a replacement for the sugar.

  • Full instructions are included on the back of the pouch.

  • You will require basic brewing equipment to make the kit and also a pressure barrel or beer bottles for the final storage and conditioning.

  • These kits can be used without the additional sugar or beer kit enhancer to make 20 pints making it suitable for smaller fermenters such as that included in the Coopers Craft Beer starter kit.

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