• VinClasse Campden Tablets - Pack of 50

VinClasse Campden Tablets - Pack of 50

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  • Essential for sterilising and stabilising.

  • Prevents unwanted odours and flavours.

  • Campden tablets prevent all sorts of wild yeasts and bacteria spoiling your wine or cider. They also prevent refermentation along with fermentation stopper. Use 1 crushed tablet per gallon of wine at the end of fermentation to prevent contamination during syphoning and bottling. 

  • Can be used in beer brewing to remove chlorine & chloramines from tap water. 1 tablet will cure 20 gallons of tap water for home brew usage.

  • A sterilising solution can be made from 5 crushed tablets in one pint of hot water.

  • Ten 0.44gm tablets are roughly equal to one level teaspoon of Sodium Metabisuphite and each tablet provides an easily measured and accurate dose.

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