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Table / Counter Top - Stand Crown Capper For 26mm Or 29mm Caps

Table / Counter Top - Stand Crown Capper For 26mm Or 29mm Caps
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Table / Counter Top - Stand Crown Capper For 26mm Or 29mm Caps
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  • Multi height robust stand capper for crimping crown caps to suitable glass bottles. Can be free standing or screwed down to a surface through two small holes in the base

  • Comes with interchangeable crimping cups, which fit either 26mm or 29mm crown caps - to swap simply unscrew.  26mm crown caps are the standard size for most 500ml beer bottles - 29mm caps are less common and are sometimes used on larger beer bottles or champagne style bottles

  • As a stand capper pushes the bottle against the base, it applies pressure evenly against the top of the bottle. This is generally more reliable than a twin lever capper, which relies on gripping the profile of the bottle neck. This can cause slipping and one sided crimping.  This is even more important when recycling used bottles which can vary considerably in neck profiles

  • The height of the arm carrier should be adjusted to just above the bottle and located into place on the main post via a line of holes and a securing pin - This model can be adjusted to to cap bottles up to 35cm high and down to 8cm

  • Place the crown cap on the top of the bottle and pull the lever down, you will feel some slight resistance, continue pushing and you will feel the cap crimp over before the lever comes to a firm stop.  You will find this easier if you position yourself slightly above the capper with your weight pressing down




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