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The Big Book Of Brewing - Dave Line

The Big Book Of Brewing - Dave Line
The Big Book Of Brewing - Dave Line
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  • 248 page paperback
  • This is the classic book for any really enthusiastic and ambitious home brewer, the person who wants to brew high quality "true" beers using real hops and grains, rather than by using more easily-handled kits and powdered or liquid malt extracts.

  • The author explains to beginners and experts alike a simple method of "mashing" for producing the finest flavoured beers, ales, stouts and lagers from all-grain ingredients, just like the professionals do.

  • It is simply the most advanced and comprehensive book on the subject for the amateur.

  • Contents include - The language of the brewer - Brewing quality beer - Commercial brewing - Equipment - Your first brew - Easy recipes - Systems of mashing and sparging - Ingredients - Brewing process - Problem Solving - Advanced recipes


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