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Youngs American Amber Ale AAA - 40 Pint - 3.6kg

Youngs American Amber Ale AAA - 40 Pint - 3.6kg
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Youngs American Amber Ale AAA - 40 Pint - 3.6kg
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  • Makes 40 pints of premium American Amber Ale at approx 5.4% ABV.

  • Ready to drink in around 4 weeks.
  • Youngs developed this range to bring the best of American craft brewing to the UK. Light brown with a fluffy white head - malty character with floral and spicy hop aromas and flavours of blackcurrants, pink grapefruit and pine resin. Includes Pacific Jade, Summit and Cluster hops. 

  • All ingredients & full instruction leaflet included. No additional sugar required.

  • Contains 3kg Of premium hopped liquid malt extract, additional hop pellets, brewing sugar, US West Coast ale yeast and priming sugar.

  • You will require basic brewing equipment to make the kit and also a pressure barrel or beer bottles for the final storage and conditioning.

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